Earth Initiation:
A Deep Rebirth

Led by Peter Clark and Kristine Peeler

EarthInitiationMany people feel a separation from Nature. Our language and thinking reflect this separation in generally placing humanity and human creations outside of Nature. The Earth Initiation workshop is the first in a series of advanced shamanic teachings designed to help us dissolve this illusion of being apart from the rest of creation here on this planet. We will be working very closely with the land in a powerfully blended spiritual and physical approach. As this is shamanic initiation work, there will be challenging experiences that will lead us deeply into stronger relations with our helping spirits. We enter this work with the intention of undergoing integrative healing in a personal way, but also in a collective manner as representatives for our species.

Dates:  August 6 & 7, 2016, 9 AM to 6 PM both days

Cost:  $250


  1. Well established practice of journeying to the Lower and Upper Worlds
  2. Completion of the application describing your shamanic experience and interest in initiation work

To apply, please send an email to answering the following questions and submitting the deposit payment as listed below.

  1. Please describe your shamanic experience. How long have you been practicing? How often do you journey? What other workshops or relevant experiences have you had?
  2. What has attracted you to this Earth Initiation work? Why are you wanting to undergo this initiation?

Only a few spaces still open.

Online payment (credit or debit card, paypal balance) for workshop deposit to be submitted with your application:


Comments from past participants:

"I would strongly recommend Earth Initiation to any individual who actively participates in their own journey with the spirits."

"Loved the beautiful site and all the work that went into it. The initiation was transforming: helped me to connect more deeply to the Earth and took away feelings of separateness I was not fully aware of."

"This whole experience flowed like a river from its source to its collective resting place, and from its collective resting place through all the channels back to its source. Thank you!"

"The process of building up to the initiation and then celebration after felt beautifully intentional, loving and compassionate."

"Loved every moment – you were gracious hosts! Wonderful & beyond, beautiful, healing. Spirit was loving and taught much."

"Was very happy with everything!"

"Thank you for your thorough preparations, sense of safety, and conveyance of compassion in offering this initiation."