Fire and Bone, Oracles and Seers – Shamanic Divination Intensive

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Shaman’s Flame and Out of the Blue present
Fire and Bone, Oracles and Seers
A One Day Intensive in Shamanic Divination
Led by Peter Clark
Saturday, August 23, 2014
9AM to 6PM
Woodbury, Vermont
The vast perspectives of our helping spirits provide a non-linear view of time, space, and past/present/future events. The challenge is for us to communicate with them what we want to investigate in a clear, non-ambiguous manner. And for us to know how to receive and interpret their responses. Several diverse techniques beyond and including the classic shamanic journey are taught and practiced. 
Prerequisites: Good shamanic journey skills to the Upper and Lower worlds
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A Shaman’s Flame workshop created by Sarah Finlay and Peter Clark