Divination & Channeling

Divination & Channeling


Current Life Reading

The practitioner accesses information from the compassionate spirit world to help answer questions about the client’s current direction in life. The spirits will never tell a client what to do, but rather will present general guidance for leading a life of balance, health, and empowerment. This is not a fortune telling, but rather a revelation from divine sources of options perhaps not previously considered.

Past/Future/Concurrent Life Reading

Through shamanic journey work, information is accessed that can assist the client in resolving current life issues which may have originated in past life trauma. These imbalances can manifest in spiritual, emotional, mental or physical difficulties. In non-ordinary reality, our compassionate helping spirits are beyond any of the confines of linear time and space. They can sense the interplay of the physical lives of our souls as they have and will happen. These instances of our soul’s experience – according to our helping spirits – can affect each other. A reading that focuses in this way can bring healing and illumination to all the entwined lives. The knowledge of these entwinements can lead to new perspectives, and may require an unraveling in a separate healing session.


Spirits or non-physical entities often have important messages and knowledge for us. We frequently get hints of something trying to come through. The shamanic practitioner can safely connect with these non-physicals, allowing a dynamic conversation between the client and the spirit or entity.

Special channeling sessions with the practitioner’s compassionate helping spirits may also be arranged, either in person, by phone, Zoom, or email. Please contact us for more information.