Fire and Bone, Oracles and Seers

Shaman’s Flame Workshop Series

Extraordinary Realities: Introduction to Shamanism

The art of divining – seeing beyond the obvious paths and potentials to bring new possibilities back into our ordinary lives – is an age-old, world wide shamanic practice. In this experiential workshop, you will utilize techniques which help broaden your perspective by connecting to Divine Source through your relationships with compassionate spirits. Learning to interpret the signs and messages is a critical aspect of divination. A comprehensive selection of techniques will be introduced and practiced, each designed in its own special way to encourage a compassionate opening and understanding of previously hidden pathways. When we merge with a helping spirit, we bring into our physical and spirit bodies the power and insight of compassionate wisdom. This is the essence of entering a divining state – a level of awareness outside the small mind, outside ego judgments, beyond the edges of normal consciousness. The culmination is the return of this perception to our ordinary awareness with an interpretation that meshes with and enlivens our initial questions with new divine perspectives. Our hollow bone human self is filled with wisdom and knowledge beyond our humanness – filled with compassionate spiritual precognition.

Prerequisite: Shamanic Journey experience in the Upper and Lower worlds

Selected comments from past participants:

Taking these ‘gems’ back to my daily practice, personally and professionally. Thank you again.

Peter’s style is clear. He does such bodacious singing thru out the workshop. It transmuted so much energy. His laughter is contagious and his heart is delightful.

This workshop is for shamanic practitioners. It is an advanced course in divination. You receive a lot of information in a short amount of time. It is important to be prepared.

Received answers that I needed, but didn’t know that I needed them before I received them!

It’s obvious that the Spirits love Peter. Birds of a Feather.

I found this a beautifully designed and executed course. We were able to progressively experience a diverse variety of divination techniques. Just loved it!

It was time for me to return to a shamanic circle and learn new ways of connecting and getting information. I grew in awareness, in connection in all realms, and in self confidence. What a gift. Your teaching style is very kind and compassionate. Thank you for the gift of you. It is a true pleasure to learn with you. The diversity of experiences to divine were mind opening and didn’t allow me to become complacent.

It was all good Peter – thank you very much!

I was so looking forward to the Fire & Bone workshop. Well before the first day was over every kind of hope and expectation had been exceeded. In the language of another tradition, Peter was the Alchemist. Each of us came to the workshop with our bits of lead and by the end of the day, each of us was gleaming! Peter’s song with that of his drum are the alembic that distills the extraordinary from the ordinary.

I can’t describe how he (Peter) does it. It’s as though he holds space by letting go and somehow Let go reverberates within the circle. It’s so subtle and uncanny it only registers as personal experience, as movement, as inner impact–never as words. Upon reflection the experience can be difficult to put into words and to grasp hold of. Nonetheless, something happened, something shifted, the light is different. I find myself stopping mid-step to listen. To listen to the wind. To listen to my tea cup. To listen to soundless things. To let go is such a powerful lesson. To really take it in is to fly. I’ve got a lot to learn.

During my time with Peter I experienced many new things, new compassionate helping spirits, new ways of communicating and journeying. This course strengthened my journeying, validated my channeling ability, built my self esteem to an all time high! I am truly honored to have experienced this! And love this course.