Empowerment Healing

Inner Thoughts by Jack Sabon

In a series of sessions, Shaman’s Flame helps couples and individuals find a pathway to empowerment through deep collaborative shamanic spiritual healing led and guided by a council of helping spirits.  One of the cornerstones of shamanism is the reality that compassionate spirits want us to be as empowered as possible.

Through the shamanic journey process, the practitioner and client(s) work interactively with their spirits to discover new personal inner strength, focused clarity, and clear pathways towards healthy relationships. This spirit guided process helps the individual or couple dissolve obstacles and reveal dynamic actualization of their dreams.

Disempowered people often feel helpless – unable to summon energy to change course and frequently lost in their lives.  It can be challenging for them to manifest their dreams, much less even imagine them. Maintaining relationships, navigating obstacles and realizing potential is difficult and frustrating. Empowerment spiritual healing helps to identify the client’s barriers to growth and gives them a positive, supportive framework for moving forward. 


For couples, the intricacies of establishing a healthier and more empowered relationship are guided by the compassionate helping spirits. Couples develop healthy boundaries and learn to share power and intimacy more fluently together.

Realize your dreams, aspirations and powerful relationships through this interactive process with your spirits.  Included in this work can be a healing of interactions between your current life situations and past/future/concurrent lives. To find out more about this supercharged shamanic spiritual healing, contact a Shaman’s Flame practitioner today.