Advanced Elemental Initiation Series

Shamanic initiation involves a spirit experience outside the bounds of what is familiar and comfortable, and in the most advanced initiations, this happens in the Middle World with much play between the ordinary and non-ordinary realms. 

Gathering our courage and trust we voluntarily face our fears.  These initiations activate our deepest resources and connection to the compassionate spirits, clearing obstacles from our lives and fundamentally changing what we know to be possible. Initiation is a critical part of walking the path of the shaman, whether we are just starting out, or well on the way.

The following elemental initiation intensives are jointly developed by Peter Clark and Kristine Peeler. See descriptions and links below for more details. The schedule for each can be found in the details, but in general, we cycle through the elements, revisiting each periodically. 


Click on picture for workshop informationEarth Initiation: A Deep Rebirth

Two days of Shamanic journeys, preparatory experiential practices and initiation into deep, physical, emotional and spiritual reconnection with Earth Spirit.


Water Initiation: Flowing into the Heart of Trust

Two days and an evening of shamanic journey and Middle World initiation work to develop a heart of trust with Water Spirit.


Fire Initiation: Journey into the Flames

Two days and an evening of core shamanic preparation for intense Middle World initiation into Fire. Be prepared to work intimately with Fire Spirit.


Air Initiation: Dancing the Winds of Change

Two days of shamanic journey and initiatory experience in both Ordinary and Non-Ordinary Realities. Find your Air power and your ability to dance on the wild currents.