Water Initiation:
Flowing into the Heart of Trust

Led by Peter Clark and Kristine Peeler

Woodbury, Vermont
August 14 & 15, 2021
Saturday evening initiatory ceremony will follow a catered dinner.
Tuition is $289 ($250 if paid in full by July 14)


  1. Well established practice of journeying to the Lower and Upper Worlds
  2. Completion of the application describing your shamanic experience and interest in initiation work
  3. Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination. In an effort to comply with state regulations for in person gatherings, and for the safety of all involved, vaccination is required.

To apply, please send an email to peterclark13@gmail.com answering the following questions and submitting the deposit or full payment as listed below. If you are not accepted into the course, your payment will be refunded. If you have participated in a previous initiation with Peter and Kristine, your answers to the questions in section one need only be an update.

  1. Please describe your shamanic experience. How long have you been practicing? How often do you journey? What other workshops or relevant experiences have you had?
  2. What has attracted you to this Water Initiation work? Why are you wanting to undergo this initiation?

You may submit your application – the answers to the above questions – and registration payment ($100 deposit or full payment) via check mailed to Peter Clark, 644 Log Town Road, East Calais, VT 05650. Or pay online using the below buttons (credit or debit card, paypal balance) – to be submitted with your emailed application. Please check the workshop cancellation policies here.

In this initiation weekend intensive, we embrace and honor the Waters of the Earth and our bodies. We begin to dissolve the inner dams that have acted to obstruct the flow of our emotions, creativity and power. In the process, a potentially profound relationship with the Great Water Spirit and her many manifestations in all three worlds is woven.

We will undergo powerful Middle world initiations to dissipate fear as well as release ingrained social and cultural conditioning about the value of the Waters – both internal and external. Working in a core shamanic way with ceremony and initiation, we move through anxieties and apprehensions back into trust, opening ourselves to the interconnectedness, power, and creativity of elemental Water.

Comments from past participants:

"At every turn, this initiation weekend defied my expectations. The result was getting exactly the healing I didn't know I needed. Thank you Peter, Kristine and helping spirits."

"Camping amplified the power of the weekend. I loved the fast and direct way the course dove right into the juicy material. I love the respect you both naturally demonstrate to your students and co-conspirators. I feel that "doing no harm" is actually a difficult thing to know how to do but this weekend you have done no harm. You used your whole-brainedness and deep love to create the most beautiful initiations for us to powerfully move into where we each need to be. May your/our work be amplified to heal the Earth and her Waters."

"Excellent initiation weekend. All activities flowed into the next with purpose and direction."

"Peter and Kristine have such familiarity with this work. The way of spirit is steady within them and each possesses a large and gentle capacity to hold the entire group and support us all as we process anything that arises for us as we journey together."

"Loved it – had an excellent time with much learned – great job!"

"I didn't know what I was getting into, but I'm glad I got into it! I was glad that there was enough time to reflect and talk and not feel over-extended in energy."

"Thank you Peter and Kristine for this amazing 'journey'."

"Overall great experience. Thank you for the opportunity."

"You both are very gifted – I especially appreciate how you hold space and are organized and professional – yet compassionate and caring."

"Thank you, Peter and Kristine, for this powerful and uplifting initiation experience. You both have held a beautiful and sacred space for this water initiation experience. The experience exceeded my expectations on so many levels."