StarSeed Evolution June 2024

StarSeed Evolution June 2024

Using traditional shamanic methods of investigation as a catalyst for consciousness expansion, this workshop at its core is about evolutionary shift. We begin with the premise that all human beings hold unexpressed abilities and perceptions that are connected to star beings – whether of 3D or other dimensional origin. These unexpressed aspects of ourselves are locked away in our DNA. Ultimately, every atom in our bodies has been inside a star in the distant past.

Techniques designed to examine and uncover these locks, as well as initiate their opening will be presented and experienced. The locks we address consist of:

  • Individual fear based traumas, including those experienced in dreams and abductions
  • Collective cultural programming, designed to keep us limited as a species

As we consider these locked states, unusual phenomena are explored and investigated from new and more empowered perspectives, and a healing process is initiated so that the locks might be opened. A major activation of our DNA is commenced to allow growth into our full capacities as humans – the next stage of our evolution.

Star Seed Evolution intends to be the opening process that is nurtured and fed by the great cosmic cycles as they come into alignment in this time of accelerated change. This opening process is a germination and sprouting of the seeds within, leading to the new state of being a full spectrum human. You will work with tools that assist in the awakening of your body, mind, and heart.

Pre-requisite: Good shamanic journey skills. Please bring a drum and/or rattle, a journal for taking notes, and do review our workshop policies here.

Payments and registration

Payments and registration are handled by Christabel Foster

To register, please call or email: 609-290-9870 (voice or text)

Selected comments from past participants:

What an intense experience! It was transformational on many levels.

Thank you for all that you offer from a place of heart. We are blessed.

I wasn’t sure really what to expect this weekend – however it surpassed all expectations. What a wonderful healing weekend – just for me.

Thank you, I felt at home.

Peter’s way of teaching is great. He informs but yet allows for questions and concerns along the way. Thank you.

The overall space and guidance expedited a lot of learning and growth for me.

I thought it was remarkable. As good as the Source Gazing workshop – which was one of the best ones I’ve taken. Thank you!!

Peter’s class has given me the opportunity to be the role I want to be on behalf of Earth and all beings.

Grateful for so much generosity and all the preparation in offering this workshop.

Don’t miss this workshop – if you are reading this, then you’re ready for it.

I am so in awe of the learning presented to me. I would not normally choose to do a workshop like this, only because it is unfamiliar. I am so happy I did because I am now aware of so much out there. Also to have the opportunity to change one’s DNA is such an extraordinary experience. Now I know why the Universe/Spirits presented this experience to me.

I want to tell you how masterful I found the entire presentation to be. The organization of the class, and the steps you orchestrated to release our blocks and guide us to the awakening process at the end were amazingly effective. I am grateful for all that enabled me to attend.

You handle people’s individual needs well and provided for a smooth experience as well as imparting information. Thank you, I know why I was supposed to come here.

  • Date : 06/01/2024 - 06/02/2024
  • Venue : Lambertville, NJ

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