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Green Eyed Wild Cougar Drum

15″ elk hide round

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Soaring Eagle Remo Drum

Soaring Eagle Painting by Jack Sabon

16″ Remo drum

Synthetic drum head unaffected by humidity or rain

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Soul Retrieval

The shamanic soul retrieval process involves the practitioner seeking out and returning these spirit or soul parts. This is done primarily in non-ordinary reality with the assistance of benevolent spirit helpers. The result of this healing is typically an increase in vitality, energy and health.

Extraction Healing

A fractured spirit allows intrusive energies. The shamanic healer, aided by spirits, removes and returns these energies in a compassionate process, promoting healing and empowering boundaries.

Shamanic Counseling and Empowerment

In a series of sessions, Shaman’s Flame helps couples and individuals find a pathway to empowerment through deep collaborative shamanic spiritual healing led and guided by a council of helping spirits.

Divination & Channeling

We offer divination services, accessing spirit world for guidance on current life, past/future issues. Channeling sessions connect clients with spirits or entities for messages and knowledge.

Distance Healing

As the Non-Ordinary Reality of the spirit realm is outside of linear time and space, healing may occur whether the client and the shamanic practitioner are in the same room or on opposite sides of the planet.

Deep Spiritual Care

Shamanic practices involve guiding spirits of the deceased to awareness and evolution. Psychopomp and compassionate depossession help spirits transition for spiritual growth and healing.

Curse Unraveling

Curses are binding energies on individuals or objects. Compassionate unraveling by energy workers can lift the curse, restoring vitality and positivity.

Spirit Clearing

The shamanic practitioner can help the spirit(s) relocate in a compassionate way, or help all occupants achieve a harmonious relationship.