Workshop Series

Sacred Plant Spirits

Shaman’s Flame School of Extraordinary Reality Workshop Series Sacred Plant Spirits Across the span of two weekends, we will meet and develop inspired relationships with the compassionate spirits of powerful plants as well as interact with the Middle World manifestations of these plants. For thousands of years shamans have listened to the plants, and the […]

Air Initiation

Shaman’s Flame School of Extraordinary Reality Workshop Series Air Initiation: Dancing the Winds of Change With each breath, Air delivers the gift of Oxygen to our blood in a continual state of merging. Air facilitates clearing, renewal and constant change.  In this initiation, we take this relationship into broad and profound new states as we […]

Fire Initiation

Shaman’s Flame School of Extraordinary Reality Workshop Series Fire Initiation: Journey into the Flames In this initiation, we will use core shamanic practices to pass through fear and impossibility into the ecstatic radiance of compassionate relationship with Fire. We will awaken the power of our inner fire and burn away self imposed limitations. What arises from […]

Water Initiation

Shaman’s Flame School of Extraordinary Reality Workshop Series Water Initiation: Flowing into the Heart of Trust In this initiation weekend intensive, we embrace and honor the Waters of the Earth and our bodies. We begin to dissolve the inner dams that have acted to obstruct the flow of our emotions, creativity and power. In the process, […]

Earth Initiation

Shaman’s Flame School of Extraordinary Reality Workshop Series Earth Initiation: A Deep Rebirth Many people feel a separation from Nature. Our language and thinking reflect this separation in generally placing humanity and human creations outside of Nature. The Earth Initiation workshop is one of a series of advanced shamanic teachings designed to help us dissolve this […]

StarFire Merging

Shaman’s Flame Workshop Series StarFire Merging: Heart to Heart Conversations with the Spirits of Nature Drawing on the ancient shamanic practice of merging with compassionate Upper and Lower world spirits, you will safely become an interactive and divinational channel, allowing for a deepened spiritual dialogue not often experienced with traditional journeying. These practices will bring […]

Star Seed Evolution

Shaman’s Flame Workshop Series Star Seed Evolution …Exploring the Roots of Our Ancestral Star Connections Using traditional shamanic methods of investigation as a catalyst for consciousness expansion, this workshop at its core is about evolutionary shift. We begin with the premise that all human beings hold unexpressed abilities and perceptions that are connected to star […]

Source Gazing

Shaman’s Flame Workshop Series Source Gazing: Soul, Soul Group, and Beyond This 3 day workshop is an investigation of Source and the nature of our Souls. With the assistance of our helping spirits, we look into the starting point of creation, seeking to know something more about intention, appreciation, and manifestation. And we look through […]

Shamanic Power Symbols

Shaman’s Flame Workshop Series Shamanic Power Symbols Manifestation of Compassion This intensive teaching is about the manifestation of gifts from the compassionate spirit realms into our ordinary reality lives and even, onto our very bodies. The practice of how to bring healing and focused power that transcends any human story is taught. Stories, and the […]

Gateways of the Dragon

Shaman’s Flame Workshop Series Gateways of the Dragon As we navigate our inner and outer lives today in a world filled with change, joys and struggles, we may frequently face obstacles that prevent access to a more evolved, compassionate and richer existence. Perhaps we are willing to look at the problems of the world and […]