Storm over the Endless Sea

Endless sea, smooth and mysterious,
Spreading out beyond distant horizons,
Receiving provocations from pregnant clouds
Gathering on the winds.
Circular messages whispered between waters and airs,
Provoke prophetic feelings
Of heavy syncopated futures,
Bass vibrations reverberate with sensual suggestion.

And the rain comes in layers.
Ocean waves whipped up and peppered with poly-rhythms,
Sharp cracks of lightning charge the
Curvaceous receiving body of swelling mesmerization.
The sea is the storm and the storm the sea –
In a trance dance of other-worldly contrasting hypnosis,
Swelling, flowing, sending, receiving, taunting, thundering.

The melody of the trance shifts unexpectedly.
Clever winds take the dance elsewhere,
Past this center point,
Greeting a new current.
As rain cadences morph into gentle blues,
Layered sunshine choruses with cloud verses,
Transcending into clarity and calm
On the endless sea, smooth and mysterious.

Peter Clark, July 2014